Motocross, or all dirt bike riding, is something that somehow, almost subconsciously, ruled all my life. Can’t really explain it, but I think it has something to do with fear management. Perhaps anger management also, and maybe even something more destructive.
Have been riding dirt bikes for 30 years, and it’s only getting more and more fun. Now I’ve involved parts of my family in riding so we can have fun together. Have never competed regularly but signed up for this winter enduro series. Turned out that almost every race got cancelled due to lack of winter. Was instead looking forward to the summer series in both enduro and motocross, but all (racing) activities are cancelled due to the Corona situation. I have a feeling though that the races are too early in the mornings, and since I’m not waking up earlier than I have to on a free day I wasn’t gonna do it anyway. Whatever. Riding for fun a few times a week makes me just as happy.

I met Amir, a medical scientist and a motocross fan at the track. He got a bit aroused about my 2006 Honda CRF 450 R, which is now considered a classic, so he made a video for his iranian followers.
I am however sad that the Scandinavian Dirt Track Weekend might not happen. This is my dad on a 1950 600cc Gillet Herstal (Belgian bike) trying to pass me, which of course never happens when I’m on my 1964 Jawa/Eso 500cc czech speedway rocket.