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Spring Uje Spring opens december 18. Playing myself.

Fund raiser for cancer research

Tvagning by Saraklara Hellström now on Swedish television.

Faro Island Film Festival:

MIDSOMMAR is 33rd on Empires list of the 50 best horror films of all time, just ahead of Poltergeist and Dracula.

Interview on Ghoulish Cast

Experimenting with director Henry Moore Selder. We are, among other things, developing a light rig, together with canadian artist Vincent de Belleval, for shooting dream sequences.


Short reverse.

2020: This is now.

2019: Midsommar is released. Got amazing feedback and do press second half of the year. Trying to catch up with (the rest of) my life.

2018: Shooting Midsommar in Hungary, USA and Sweden.
2017: On paternity leave.
2015: Had a son. Some touring.
2014: Suffered a minor stroke in Milan. Lost my drivers licence and had to slow down. Took a year off and got asked to help out develop a film project. Met Ari Aster, and regained faith.
2013: Moved back to Stockholm. Did some work as food photographer.

2011: Moved to Malmö. Had a daughter. Only occasional film work.

2010: Made an album with 12 covers of songs called Maybe Tomorrow.
2009: Moved back to Stockholm. Took up touring.

2008: Moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Started bands and hung out with people in the movie industry. Did some art forgery work.

2007: Got my first and only platinum record as a producer. Did some more studio work.

2006: Started a new band and we recorded and toured rapidly for one year sharp. Did commercials as a Set Decorator and Prop Master. Started developing my 6-4-2-system.

2005: Broke both arms and one leg and got fired from the band. Didn’t know what to do, so I did some work at movie shoots.

2004: Took up motocross again. Used to be a big part of my life until I began playing in bands.

2003: Got my first gold record. Started making music for movies and commercials.

2002: Began touring seriously. With several acts.

1998: Joined another band

1995: Got a record deal with my first band. I’m immensely proud of my part in the history of Silence.

1994: Started to work at a school with kids aged 6-9. Did that on and off for 10 years.
Met these guys and they changed my life forever.

1993: Went to China for 3 months to study chinese. Had a revelation. Switched to drums when I got home after listening to the Velvets.

1990: Started high school. Discovered that people could be cool and interested in cool stuff. Understood that art could be a bridge. Since I was close to music I decided I’d go for that. Started my first band as a bass player, since that was the free position. Joined a few others.

1987: Got REALLY into hiphop.

1983: Bought a Eumig Super-8 and made a couple of action flicks. Particularly interested in titles and credits.

1982: Got to school and that got me really confused. All my interests faded. School is by far the place where I learned the least.

1982: Dad built me an electric guitar out of free parts given to us from guitar shops and scrap Ikea stuff. Also a tube amplifier based on a $2,50 german radio, the mighty Telewatt.

Made my own ’’movies’’ – drawings on slides.
1981: Became interested in motorsports. My first LP was given to me by my aunt for christmas, White Light/White Heat by The Velvet Underground.
Bought my first LP for my own money, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap with AC/DC.
1980: Discovered feedback on dad’s electric guitar

1979: Got lost listening to music in headphones

1975: Born in Stockholm, Sweden

Even shorter version.

About 45 albums as a band member, composer, producer, engineer
Commercials, shorts, tv-series, documentaries and ONE feature as a composer.
Toured Europe, Asia, US 1999-2012.

Art department
Tons of commercials, tv-series and features.
Production design
Tons of commercials, music videos and shorts. Midsommar is my first feature.