The 6-4-2-system

This discussion started off with the greatness of (going back and forth between (extreme)) opposites, in this case the hot sauna and the cold winter lake. The advantages of dynamics aren’t more obvious than this, perhaps with the exception of music (loud-quiet-loud, disharmonic-harmonic, major-minor, etc). And seasons. I have a bandname in my mind for the last 15 or so years, The Temperatures, for this reason. (Please don’t steal without asking if I could join first.) Also, after building my first sauna, at this time, the beginning of The Temperatures (come to think of it, ’’Bare Back’’ with The Temptations – coincidence..?), I developed the 6-4-2-system, a system of how I wanted to live. I’m from Stockholm, Sweden, and kind of enjoying it here, but not always. Summer’s really nice, parts of the rest too. I hate to be stuck. I hate not being inspired. But I like the feeling of coming home. My solution was to divide my life between three, way different environments. Three different climatezones. Three homes and three careers. May-October 30 in Stockholm, or similar. New York and Paris could also pass. November is too dark and depressing, and everything ends and so on, so then we move to somewhere brighter for four months. Needs to have some form of beauty, and good food. South America, or similar. But deep down I’m a winter man, so I need that too. March and April in a lodge somewhere in the forests or mountains of Alaska, Lapland or similar. Preferably off-grid, and miles and miles to the nearest neighbour, no roads, you get there either by snowmobile or skis, and you shop for groceries once or twice, and get them dropped by helicopter. Sauna of course, and cooking on a fire stove. Chopping wood at least a third of my time to stay alive. By the end of April I’m pretty fed up with this, cold and lonely, and it’s time to head home to Stockholm (or Paris or NYC or whatever) and the weather is great and we celebrate the international workers day and everyone is truly happy, for that’s what you are when the first sun in a long time shines on you. In October I’ve had it, after the last streak of crispy autumn days it’s time to return home to South America (or whatever). And so on. Point is, I’m always returning home. I never get stuck, always on my best. i have three different homes that I know but never gets bored with, three different jobs and kinds of everyday life that I know very well but never gets bored with. Just as with the temperatures. I love them, but not all the time. Just as long as it’s great and then the relief when you experience the opposite. That relief is my key to everything.